Thursday, November 19, 2015


We are approximately two weeks away from the big reveal and everything is ticking along at a crazy pace!  Painting is underway and the room is really starting to take shape with our vision always at the forefront of everything we're doing.  We are learning so much.

The mural design team is well underway thanks to Kirstie Acton.  The design is quite something and the story behind it quite magical.

The furniture has been ordered and will arrive soon and we've started to order some of the learning resources for the room.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Covering the hessian that was full of holes...

Learning with Kirstie Acton to create something special for the outside of the learning space.

Some of the design team hard at work - safety gear included.

Our builder knows what she's doing.

Safety first - making sure there are no nails sticking out.

The cloakroom area has been completely stripped.

Smooth surface sealer applied.  Now for the first undercoat!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Welcome to our Journey!

For a long time I've been really interested in Makerspaces and STEAM education and the ways in which these can help our students become confident and capable learners and problem-solvers.  This year, after returning to teaching after a short break to complete my Masters in eLearning, I was fortunate enough to be able to learn alongside a group of amazing students at my school.  We are also incredibly lucky in that we have a Principal who encourages our creativity and wild ideas!  I've also been studying for a further post-grad qualification at The MindLab here in Auckland and this inspired me even further to see where my learners and I could head.  What were the possibilities?  What could we create within our school?

Cunning plans began to form...

Beginning to tell people about what we're up to in here!

Some of the team

Grabbing attention on our Agricultural Day...

We have an unused learning space and a budget to work with so I hatched the plan with my learners - how could we create a 'mini MindLab' at school and what would be our 'why'.  We always start with the 'why' in anything we are learning so we had to be very clear about our purpose for this.

We started by using the Design Thinking and Inquiry Learning processes and boy has it grown from there!!
We are writing our 'why' together and designing and creating an amazing learning space together. Together we are learning about flooring, painting, design, project management, purchasing furniture and resources, creating - and sticking to - a budget and so much more.

Included in this first post are photos of the space as it is, and some of the Creator Ops STEAM - our working title for the project at the moment.  There are also links to our collaborative planning and learning.

Although this is part of my research, it is first and foremost all about the learners and what we can create together.  So many of these spaces similar to ours are created by teachers.  This one is being created by the most important people together - the learners, which includes me.

Look out for many more posts detailing our progress and learning.  We've got a deadline - December 11 - which is our Prizegiving.

Stay tuned to keep up with our progress!

Link to our planning...