Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Amazing Maker Spaces!

Maker Spaces are used globally, by hundreds of people, every day.

Our class has been designing one (obviously) with the help of our great friend - Uncle Google.

After going on a trip to 'The Mind Lab' we have a fair idea of what ours is going to look like. A great site to look at is:

Maker Space Auckland Library

Maker Spaces are a really great way to find out peoples passions and personality.

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  1. This is so inspiring for us to see your journey into creating your own makerspace. Please keep your blog going so we can see what you are up to! We too are about to embark on designing our own iSpace - remodelling an old computer lab that adjoins our library at Glendowie. I have been reading alot about makerspaces around the world and see the benefits in a school. Not only will you develop skills and knowledge around science and technology but you will learn even more about yourselves as learners and your school community. As you have opportunities and ownership over the tools and experiences, you will connect with others who have similar interests and build on each other's strengths. You are already starting to see yourselves as active participants of the community of learners by using the Design Thinking model, that are capable of making a difference to your community. I bet you can't wait to get started on your first projects! Have a look at this Blog for ideas. http://makerspacesnz.blogspot.co.nz/ Good luck!