Thursday, December 31, 2015


To get some inspiration for what we could do Room 3 spent a day at the MIND LAB in New Market.  We went through the doors and we saw a big word that spelt MIND as we walked a bit further we saw something dangling from the ceiling it was paper clips attached to each other like strip curtains. We walked into a room and we put our bags on the ground in a corner and outside the room was a cool mural. We met our leaders for the day Koko and Eros we walked into the room next door and we were told to pick a partner and a touch screen computer. We all were told to do some instructions. After we had made our games on SCRATCH tm we tested them and we were told to get up and try others games after a while we went and had morning tea and when we came back there were robo cars on the tables and there were controlers and Eros and Koko said we had to try to programme them to go left, right, forwards and backwards. We all were challenged but at the end we had a robo car race where we had to try to hit each others bump stop pad and the last car standing won. At  the end of the day I think we all had new Ideas for the new room.

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