Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Design Thinking

Design Thinking As A Platform For Our Learning Hub

The Design Thinking Process

We used this Design Thinking Process as a platform when creating the Creator Ops STEAM.

Empathy, Ideate, Define, Prototype, Feedback

We used Empathy to learn about who would use the room when it is finished and the feeling in it
We used  Ideate to help us to plan and to help us visualize what the room would look like.
We used define to find out what the problem is and how we can solve it.
We used prototype to the room is our prototype
We used feedback to have peoples opinions on what we made

Why we choose the colours:
The bright colours are to keep us feeling happy and they stand out .
we didn't use odd colours because we used colours that all ages will enjoy

The design thinking proocess we all wanted it to be a learning environment where kids can do work so the design came.
 We thought we need a lot of tables for kids to sit on to write and draw on.
Chairs for them to sit on or go on their knees.
We have different sized tables for different needs we had to think about that when our design team where planning and buying things.
We have lily pads for on the ground or for our little tables.
We have medium seats for our medium tables we also thought about peoples back so they didn't get a sore back from being upright for a part of the day.
We found these really cool chairs that are like a stool but with a like circle plastics board underneath and it is able to rock  and lean in different directions.
Our big stools for our big two tables are again the colours are matching other needs in the room but are not the same.

Here are some photos of what the room look like :-)


  1. Your classroom is looking great. Thank you for sharing your thinking. Laura Bridge (Whanganui Mindlab)

    1. Thank you, we have put a lot of hard work in to the room and we have had a successful outcome.
      Phoenix year 8 Creator ops steam student and designer.

  2. Well done team - I love the way you have used the design process that includes empathy and that you have chosen colours that will appeal to all ages. Very thoughtful and welcoming of all that come into your space. Debbie (Wellington MindLad)

    1. Thank you I had the position of "Paint Boss" and I'm glad that so many people like our color choices... Thank you for visiting our blog!
      Poppy, Creator ops steam student and designer.

  3. I love your learning space. You have really thought about people - real empathy - and catered for lots of peoples' needs. Well done.

    1. Thank you!! I am so glad to see that you and so many others like our work put into this room.
      Poppy, Creator ops team student and designer.

  4. How are you enjoying those chairs that rock, now that you have had some time to get used to them? Does it help you to stay focused? Do you still recommend them to others? Maria Darroch (Mindlab Christchurch)

    1. The chairs that rock support your back a lot and yes it does take others time to get used to the chairs.I highly recommend them for others, Yes they help some students stay focused.
      Phoenix Creator ops steam student

  5. I'm impressed! Your space looks great and very inspiring to learn in. This Term my Technology Class is focussing on 'Our Space' as a theme. Where we look at how we can add our input into our learning spaces or how they can design something to improve their space at home. I will definitely be showing my class your blog, it will help them understand what I mean when I say "no idea is too big"! Emma, Mindlab CHCH.

    1. Thank you! We are happy that you like it.
      Poppy, Room 3 Creator ops steam Student and Designer

  6. Hi there kids at Hunua School. We are really impressed with your makerspace set-up and even more so because you guys took control and used the design process to help work through the stages. The colours are bright and we can see why you love it and it makes you happy. We like how you have put thought into different kids and the way they learn - having high stools, low / rocking stools, bean bags as well as the different tables. It means everyone can work in an area that suits them. We love how you have included the BEFORE and AFTER photos - really shows the innovative and collaborative thinking. The smiles on your faces in these photos really show how much you love your space. Nice job Justine :)