Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Scratch as a Learning Tool For Coding

Scratch - it can be used for so many things but what is the purpose of Scratch for our learning hub?

Scratch... I love it. It can teach you the small basics of coding yet it seems so big - especially if you have big projects in mind like an animated series. It can teach you things outside and inside the Scratch world. You can use it to animate and design even the smallest things. Some examples:

All credit goes to their rightful owners - owners are music makers in projects and creators of projects. Sorry if all those crashed your computer or something :P Anyway...

Kids of all ages use Scratch. Teachers set up challenges and get their kids to complete them.

In our learning hub, we're going to use Scratch to learn to code, find new purposes of art, etc.

Scratch is SUCH an amazing community! The community, it has supporters, learners, all sorts but all use Scratch. I wouldn't want it to be anything different.

(From Room 3's Scratch expert, Emma R)

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