Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Ceiling!

Here are some pics of the ceiling!

Meccanoid Robot

Hi everyone! My name is Paris and my friend Lily and I are making a robot a called Meccanoid. We have fixed the mistakes that someone did on the other robot already. That was a 2 foot tall robot but now we are starting again but this time with a 4 foot one. It's almost as tall as a lot of the kids in the class. We also have other people that are helping us along the way if someone is sick or anything like that. Their names are Stella and Ricardo. So thank you to those guys and I hope you keep helping us if we need it! It is really fun to make this robot and even as I'm typing Lily is building the robot. We are so thank full to Mrs Hughes for making this room and getting the robots. It's a really good experience for us and we really like doing it. Well anyway, here's a picture of us building the robot now!


Hello Everyone
Here is a video that Emma has created for Youtube it explains how to use the beebots. You can also find the video on her school youtube channel, WolfyGirlYeah.

Here is the video:

Monday, May 16, 2016

Roofing Tiles

Last week the roofing tiles were painted red, orange, green, blue and yellow and they look amazing soon the Creator Ops STEAM room will be finished and ready for everyone to enjoy I'm sorry I don't have a picture to show you but hopefully I will soon. Keep reading the Creator Ops STEAM Blog for more updates. This is Samantha signing out.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Design Thinking

Design Thinking As A Platform For Our Learning Hub

The Design Thinking Process

We used this Design Thinking Process as a platform when creating the Creator Ops STEAM.

Empathy, Ideate, Define, Prototype, Feedback

We used Empathy to learn about who would use the room when it is finished and the feeling in it
We used  Ideate to help us to plan and to help us visualize what the room would look like.
We used define to find out what the problem is and how we can solve it.
We used prototype to the room is our prototype
We used feedback to have peoples opinions on what we made

Why we choose the colours:
The bright colours are to keep us feeling happy and they stand out .
we didn't use odd colours because we used colours that all ages will enjoy

The design thinking proocess we all wanted it to be a learning environment where kids can do work so the design came.
 We thought we need a lot of tables for kids to sit on to write and draw on.
Chairs for them to sit on or go on their knees.
We have different sized tables for different needs we had to think about that when our design team where planning and buying things.
We have lily pads for on the ground or for our little tables.
We have medium seats for our medium tables we also thought about peoples back so they didn't get a sore back from being upright for a part of the day.
We found these really cool chairs that are like a stool but with a like circle plastics board underneath and it is able to rock  and lean in different directions.
Our big stools for our big two tables are again the colours are matching other needs in the room but are not the same.

Here are some photos of what the room look like :-)

Before and After.

Hello everyone we have had a busy start of the term and we have unpacked the furniture and arranged it all we have put together most of the robots and we have if you had seen the room before you wouldn't believe your eyes when you saw it now.





These are the 4 items that with be made into light shades.

A Hunua School Sign.

A bucket and the cutlery drainer.

A Fireman's Helmet.

Thanks for taking your time to read this blog see you next time on the Creator Ops Steam Blog. :-)

What is the purpose for the Creator Ops STEAM room

The why, written by Emma C

You may ask why we decided to make this room, well our class all thought it would be a great idea after a fascinating trip to the Mind Lab. Here is just some reasons why we did decided to make this room.

  1. In the process of making the Creator Ops STEAM room would help teach us about measurement and all about the design process and is also a platform for learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths or STEAM.
  2. As we are making this room we are using Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Feedback, what does Empathy mean? It means that you are able to understand what one another is feeling. What does Define mean? To break down a problem that you are having trouble with. What does Ideate mean? To brain storm and come up with some creative ideas. What does Prototype? It means to make more than one or to make a model of the thing that you are going to make but not the real thing. What does Feedback mean? It means to give positive and negative comments.
  3. This Room will also help us to learn about our coding and learn to break down problems and situations that we might come across.