A collection of our photos from throughout the project...

We will be organising our photos more effectively soon but we're so excited and wanted to share what we've been doing to date!

Let the fun and creating begin...

Where do we start??!!

Part of an amazing team.


This is going to be a challenge!

We think we might need a clean out in here...and a biiiiig rubbish skip!

Discovering all sorts of treasures.

We're turning this into a kitchen.

The cloakroom before it becomes a thinking cave.

Shopping for paint supplies...

On our way to visit The MindLab to become even more inspired in designing our space.

The furniture's arriving!!!!  December 2015

New furniture chosen by the students after much research.
Currently stored in our classroom and cloakroom...

The old cloakroom - now a breakout space / cave for thinking and planning.  Our quiet space.  Soon to be filled with beanbags and creative minds.

This big wall is going to be a whiteboard wall where we can plan, design and create.

We've ripped the old sink out!!

This is going to be a green screen for filming.

The beginning of the kitchen - December 2015

The kitchen is complete!
Many thanks to Smeg from Kitchen Things and Fyfe Kitchens for their amazing support!

The Painting Team, December 18 2015

The 2 long tables are going to be whiteboard tables - great for planning, designing and creating!


  1. What a transformation - nice work. I think the students at the school where I work would love to hear your story. Expect a few more blog hits from us!

  2. The transformation of the class is amazing! I hope to start something like this for my students..

  3. Fantastic work! I really like the way you have made your space personal to your needs. Well done!